Lego® Serious Play® is a method for creating real-time strategies for individuals, teams and organizations. The Lego® Serious Play® method uses Lego® bricks and elements to help people “think through their fingers” — unleashing intuition, inspiration and imagination. The method is based on the creation of 3D visual metaphors aimed…

I received the news few minutes ago and I’m excited to introduce Stacks Accelerator: they have raised $4M to launch an accelerator to invest in Web 3.0 startups focused on decentralized finance, NFTs, and all things related to blockchain.

The program is modeled after the top accelerators and run online…

RIP conference room white-boarding sessions. The future of collaborative design is remote, and now you can create publish-worthy prototypes from home with no-code.

There are a lot of fresh prototyping tools these days, and the PH community has a lot of thoughts.

On Framer for web: “What I like most…

Andrea Romoli

Lean Startup, LEGO® Serious Play®,Google Design Sprint e Design Thinking Workshops Organizer, Community Manager, Content Creator, Blogger at StartupItalia

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